Ce blog sur Tina Turner fait un portrait de fan par mois.

Tina Turner Blog

In the early days of the internet, there was one Tina Turner fan site that was everybody’s favorite: Sid Loves Tina. Many fans from that era still have fond memories of the website, even though it is no longer online, and it was certainly an inspiration for us! Now we have the chance to learn some more about the man behind that site, Sidney, in our latest Fan of the Month interview. To make it even more special: it’s his birthday today! Happy birthday Sid!

Name: Sidney (a.k.a. Sidlovestina)

Hometown: Aalst, Belgium

Favorite Tina song: Help (live version)

Favorite Tina album: Foreign Affair

Favorite Tina tour: Foreign Affair and the 50th anniversary tour (for the memories)

Number of Tina concerts: 26

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