Un court essai sur la fan-fiction en tant que genre.

The Tangent Magazine

When you think of fan fiction, what do you think of? Most people seem to think the same thing here: they think it’s always based on popular shows, movies, celebrities, or bands; they think it’s badly written and cheesy; they think it’s littered with cringe-worthy sex scenes; basically, they think of things like My Immortal, a 2006 Harry Potter fanfic, inspired by the bands My Chemical Romance and Evanescence and famous throughout the internet for being fraught with all the cliché hallmarks of a bad fan fiction.

However, as is true for all stereotypes, it’s unfair to assume this is always true. There is a lot of fan fiction which is brilliantly written, wholly believable, and as creative and original as you can get while still being restricted to being fan fiction. One could consider Star Trek: The Next Generation to be a sort of canonical fan fiction of the original series, and that was brilliant!

Now of…

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