Let it grow! (or Elsa’s song adapted for Dark Phoenix)

Tout le monde a fait son petit détournement de Let it Go (la chanson épique de Frozen / La Reine des Neiges), c’est mon tour, pour célébrer le 1er anniversaire de la sortie en salle de ce Disney qui m’a beaucoup plu. Entre autres parce qu’elle me rappelait l’arc du Phoenix Noir dans les X-Men, mais version glacée au lieu d’enflammée. Du coup, il n’y avait pas à changer grand-chose à la chanson…

Let it grow

Dark Phoenix by Gabriele Dell'Otto

The stars glow white in the dark of space
Not a heartbeat can be heard
I can’t find any solace
Apart from this cosmic bird

Solar winds propel me away from my homeworld.
Couldn’t go back home, everything has burned.

Don’t read their minds, don’t let them in,
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let it grow
Well now they know!

Let it grow, let it grow,
Can’t hold it back anymore,
Let it grow, let it grow,
Let it burn me to the core.
I don’t care what they’re going to say,
Let the flame rage on.
The heat never bothered me anyway.

It’s funny how some distance
Makes everything seem small.
And the fears that once controlled me
Can’t get to me at all.

I want to see what I can do,
To test the limits and break through,
No right no wrong no rules for me,
I’m free!

Let it grow, let it grow,
I’m one with the phoenix force,
Let it grow, let it grow,
Universe is our source.

Here I stand and here I stay
let the fire rage on

My power flurries through the air into the skies
My soul is explosing in wings of flame and through my eyes
And one thought shatters brains or turns all into dust
I’m never going back
The past is in the past

Let it grow, let it grow,
And I’ll rise like a bird of fire,
Let it grow, let it grow,

Here I stand in the light of day
Let the fire rage on!
The heat never bothered me anyway.