Questions for Keanu Reeves + my Deauville in video

Oui, j’ai encore plein de trucs à poster au sujet de Keanu Reeves, et je me suis dit que j’allais les faire sur ma lancée… Déjà, la vidéo enfin terminée compilant celles que j’ai faites le week-end dernier (en espérant que Youtube ne trouve pas à redire à la bande-son).

Y’a pas à dire, il a grave la classe…
Pardon, je réfléchissais tout haut.

Ensuite la foultitude de questions que je voudrais lui poser si j’avais l’occasion et que j’étais moins prise au dépourvu que vendredi sur les planches (en même temps je n’avais pas de badge de presse, si j’avais commencé une interview en pleine séance dédicaces, il aurait trouvé ça curieux).
Just in case I ever get the occasion, or if someone else is lacking inspiration while interviewing Keanu Reeves… I just would like to know the answers.

Regarding Side by Side :

– As an actor and now a director, what is your own view of the pros and cons of digital vs film?

– Do you feel you get more credit from movie critics and movie fans now that you’ve established yourself a film enthusiast with this movie?

– Do you consider doing some additional interviews to update the state of things, every 5 or 10 years?

– Vinyl discs are back in force among the young generation, as are Polaroid and old photo tricks. Do you think one can expect the same with film?

Regarding Man of Tai-Chi :

– Do you control your Chi?

– In The Devil’s Advocate, Al Pacino greets your character on top of a skyscraper to tempt him into joining him, on top of the hill. In Man of Tai-Chi, Donaka Mark, your character, is the one meeting Tiger Chen with a view on the city below. Was that a conscious reference?

– Both movies are about the loss of innocence of a young man. But the roles are reversed. Do you think it’s possible to grow older and stay innocent?

– Why did you choose a genre movie for your directing debut?

– What was harder than for a low-budget indie introspective movie? What was easier?

– Did you enjoy playing a really evil, plotting guy? Did you make him more evil than he was in the script?

– One underlying theme in the movie is the Big Brother technology helping the bad guy to use the good guy. Storytelling and manipulation are at the core if it. Was there a parallel with fame and western media? A thought about Big Data and how privacy has become near impossible?

Regarding the Deauville Film Festival :

– The festival was showing 5 of your previous movies as part of their tribute (Dracula, My Own Private Idaho, Matrix, Man of Tai-Chi, and John Wick). Is there another movie you would have liked to get another chance of being seen here?

Regarding side projects :

– You recently co-founded a motorbike company, Arch Motorcycle, that issued last year its first motorbike, the KRGT-1. You also got to try it on pro circuits like the Suzuka Circuit, congratulations. Do you plan more collaborations with them?

– Do you have any other side projects at the moment?

– Do you still play music?

– Can you sing?