Fandom Parodie : Bad

Contexte de la chanson d’origine : encore un titre de James Marsters, rigoureusement inconnu donc sauf de ses infortunées (surtout après les conventions, c’est dispendieux comme hobby) fans.

Chanson que je ne classe pas parmi ses pires, ni parmi ses meilleures, mais plutôt dans les clichés ambulants : « Ouais j’adore les filles mystérieuses et on est trooooop sexy tous les deux yeah ». Alors forcément… Moi quand c’est trop niais, j’ai tendance à inventer mes paroles. Surtout quand le mot-titre résonne à mes oreilles en me rappelant une de mes références fétiches… la parodie s’écrit toute seule.

L’inconvénient, c’est qu’au bout d’un moment, j’avais des parodies pour la moitié des chansons de James, et en concert je me mélangeais parfois les pinceaux entre ses paroles et les miennes… I’m a baaad… fan.


Bad (my way)

We met, we smiled
I put my arm around you
The camera flashed and it was over
My face was flushed
You turned and walked away
But in my pocket was your number
And I’m thinking

Who’s that girl who smiles
and hides at the same time
I really think she’s got issues
The way she looks at me
I can tell what a kiss brings
And if I taste her pain is that a crime

That night
We’re upstairs in my room
I’m trying to ply you
With champagne and caviar
But you just wrinkle up your face
Won’t get off second base
I’m trippin’ on how strong you are

Oh my toes start dancing when you kiss me
You pull me down and I like it
Then my head explodes
and I know something’s hit me
You make me want to be bad…yeah

I am a monkey behind glass
turn on the lights have a laugh
get up you filthy thing and dance
and you would come across the sea
give me kisses that would speak
of your seven lonely oceans

who are you to smile
and hide at the same time
I really like your issues
the way you look at me
I can tell what a kiss brings
you make me want to be bad…

We met, it slimed
me as it went through me
Too fast for the positron collider
My face was foamed
It went into the wall
But in my pocket was a sample
And I’m thinking

Who’s that ghost who grins
and chomps at the same time
I really need some tissues
The way it looks at me
I can smell troubles coming
But we get hot clients, so I won’t mind

That night
we’re upstairs in your room
I’m pretending to be
Someone called Keymaster
But you sleep above your covers
Four whole feet above them
I’m freakin’ on how wild you are

Oh don’t get involved with possessed people
is more a guideline than a rule
hey the roof explodes
and you crawl and start barking
That whole date is getting BAD…

We came, we saw, we kicked its ass
Turned out a god in a blast
Blew up the marshmallow giant
And the Statue of Liberty
Started walking down the streets
At the sound of Jackie Wilson

Who are you to fill
New York’s sewer with slime
I really look for issues
The painting looks at me,
I can smell troubles coming
crossing the streams would be BAD…

Et pour les deux du fond qui auraient loupé la référence… (à 1mn) :

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  1. Je suis toujours impressionnée de ton inspiration pour ces parodies et de ton sens des paroles ! J’ai deux incontournables le dimanche ce sont la Balade du Pingouin et ta rubrique parodie ! 🙂

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