Dune Week: Spice Filled Sandworm

For all the Dune & pastry lovers out there… I love the idea! I hope I can do it some day!

Kitchen Overlord

Garam masala spice filled cinnamon roll sandworm from Dune

I have an entirely irrational love of David Lynch’s 1984 science fiction epic, Dune. (This is almost unrelated to my entirely rational and well thought out love of Frank Herbert’s Dune books. These two things should never be confused.) Maybe I saw it at just the right age to find Sting, black leather, and redheads seductive. Maybe it was the first big budget science fiction movie I’d seen where a woman who was just there to be a decorative prize actually bitched about how much her role in life sucked. Maybe giant sandworms made me think of David Bowie’s tights in Labyrinth. Regardless of the causes, something about the Lynch version made an indelible mark on my brain.

Fast forward a few years. I’m now a grownup with a kitchen of my very own and some lovely books to prove I’m officially Good At Food. The time…

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