Belated review : Babymetal at the Warfield Theater, San Francisco, October 4th, 2019

Doors opened at 7pm, we were in line at something past 6pm and there was already quite a line. Note : we went to see Babymetal, not the other ladies show… In the morning, we had passed by the venue to check the itinerary, because the center of San Francisco seemed to have become less safe since I had been there the last time, and I didn’t want to walk through shady streets at night. As it turned out, it gave us the opportunity to walk by 2 tour buses that probably were Babymetal’s. I didn’t see any known face and I didn’t stay around, but it was a nice start to the day anyway.

Good surprise : though the few streets around are gross and feel unsafe, the Warfield Theater itself is a wonderful old-fashioned theater with golden balconies and, wonder of wonders : a floor in levels! So I stuck behind a guy leaning against the rail-thingy (with space for drinks) of the second level, which still was quite close from the stage but guaranteed me that I would see (I’m only one inch or two taller than Moametal). Yaye!

Opening band was the Swedish metal band Avatar, delivering great melodies with a freak show (singer Johannes has Joker-like make-up clown), very fun, quite loud too but the sound balance was excellent. If the singer sang instead of growling, I might listen to it more. In the end, the singer said it was their last show of this tour and they’d come up with an idea for their upcoming album, requiring a crowd shouting a word. So he asked us to shout « Silence« , several times. « I you don’t consent to be recorded, then just don’t shout. Shouting now is your consent. If you agree now and change your mind later, then good luck finding your voice and saying ‘I want you to remove my voice’. I’m gonna make you stars. Now you make me famous. »
So, fingers crossed, if they do as planned, I’ll be featured on a metal song 😁

Next came up our little fox ladies, Babymetal. The 3rd (rotating) girl who replaces Yuimetal for the dance part was Riho Sayashi, like in London. Thanks to our spot and this yaye-venue, I was able to see all of the choreography from close, which is rare. Double yaye! Because usually I only get to see from far, or between a sea of arms / heads, so it’s either a fragmented view of details, or an ensemble from far. Here I had the best of both worlds because I was close enough to see the artists expression AND the whole dance routines from Mikiko, their choreographer. I recorded some videos (though they’ll probably be struck at some point, but we’re all Babymetal deprived these days so I hope you’ll get to enjoy them) :

Babymetal at the Warfield – San Francisco – Shanti Shanti – YouTube

I had left my camera at the hotel, not knowing if they were allowed, so I only took pics and videos with my Huawei. And because I was close enough and the lighting was as awesome as always, it was enough to capture okay shots on the 2 songs I did. I failed to get a really good pic of Riho though, because when she was on the left, there was often a guy blocking the view.

Since they were on time, we were out by 10:30pm and had dinner in a slightly upscale Izakaya nearby, Ginto, because… We were fed up with bad food and hadn’t been to a proper restaurant since we had arrived in California almost a week before. Besides, it was a nice fitting end to that day to have proper Japanese food (tempura yaye!).

Le fan-art s’expose : The Bill Murray Art Show

Consécration pour plus d’une centaine de fans de l’acteur Bill Murray, ayant réalisé des fan-arts le représentant. Ezra Croft Productions a lancé un grand appel à participation sur sa page Facebook en vue de réaliser une exposition des meilleures œuvres. Après une sélection parmi la quantité de travaux soumis, l’exposition sera l’occasion d’un événement exceptionnel, le Bill Murray Art Show, le 8 août prochain, à San Francisco.

Plus d’infos sur le site « The Murray affair« .

Bill Murray Art Show

Et en français dans les Inrockuptibles.

Double consécration donc, le fan-art à les honneurs d’une galerie… et d’un article dans les Inrocks!

Renseignements pratiques :

Public Works San Francisco
Mission District, 161 Erie Street (off Mission St. between Duboce & 14th St.) San Francisco, CA 94103
Le 8 août 2014 à 20h
12 / 15 $ en prévente.

Des fans un peu naïfs essaient de trouver des salles secrètes à Alcatraz

Une nouvelle série télé produite par J. J. Abrams, le créateur de Lost, vient de débuter sur la chaîne Fox : Alcatraz. La série sera diffusée bientôt sur TF1.

Les prémices en sont un mélange de Lost et de 4400 : île, secrets, disparus qui réapparaissent. Ici, ce sont des prisonniers et des gardiens de la célèbre prison d’Alcatraz, dans la baie de San Francisco, qui disparaissent dans d’étranges circonstances en 1963. Cinquante ans plus tard, ils réapparaissent un à un à San Francisco, sans avoir vieilli.

La diffusion de la série a à peine commencé le 16 janvier que déjà, les guides qui font visiter Alcatraz ont dû rattraper plusieurs touristes qui s’éclipsaient de l’itinéraire autorisé pour chercher une salle de contrôle high tech, censée être dissimulée sous la prison…

Devant la rapide diffusion du phénomène, ils ont d’ores et déjà installé un panneau expliquant : « La série télé Alcatraz est une oeuvre de fiction, nombre des lieux décrits ne sont pas réels. Les endroits interdits d’accès le sont pour protéger vos personnes, les structures historiques et des oiseaux qui nichent« .